How are you protecting your assets from fire this harvest?

Automatically detect and extinguish fires with AgriGard™

Securing your operations and defending your machinery
Protect your capital
Reduce downtime
Enjoy peace of mind
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Waterless, multi-zone suppression with after shutdown monitoring makes AgriGard the most effective security against agricultural machine fires.
AgriGard has been developed in collaboration with the agricultural community of WA.

We can now offer the first 20 units exclusively to WA farmers, with a 20% discount, fitted ready for this harvest. 

Offset your tax before the end of financial year - order now.
AgriGard™ control panel

The smart way to detect and prevent fires

3 detection zones

AgriGard smoke and heat sensors monitor your engine bay, as well as left and right-hand side compartments. Each zone contains its dedicated extinguishant circuit.

Real-time alerts

Your in-cab AgriGard  control panel will alert you to the location of any smoke or fire before disaster strikes.

Automated system with manual override

Allow AgriGard to automatically suppress the fire, or use the Hold function and manual extinguishing features, which puts you in control of the response.

Rapid reset

Waterless, non-toxic, gas-only extinguishant leaves no residue. This means the AgriGard  system can be rapidly reset and your machine can get back to work.

Peace of mind at the end of your day

Almost 70% of fires occur after harvesting. That’s why AgriGardremains active after your engine is off, so you can relax knowing your assets are safe.


Optional remote monitoring through our cloud-based network gives you real-time system status and GPS tracking.

Why choose AgriGard

Prevent excessive insurance premiums
Reduce replacement costs
Rapid intervention and quick reset means not waiting for spare parts
Non-corrosive and non-conductive suppressants will not damage machinery
No “clean down” required
No pipework, integrity test, pressure or storage problems
Easy to use
Long lifespan
Environmentally safe
Free installation by our engineers in time for this harvest
Designed, built and tested in WA with the support of local farmers

Why WA farmers will be using AgriGard

The main reasons are to protect our capital and peace of mind. Early detection of bearing or belt failure through smoke detection is paramount. Not only will early detection provide a genuine safety advantage but helps keep the machine running, especially as replacement headers and parts supply is now ridiculous.

Further peace of mind for when the day is done and I know it is still being monitored whilst I sleep.
Dennis Reid
I see the biggest benefit is reduced header downtime. It’s very difficult to get replacement machinery and parts. Some parts from the USA can take up to 3 months. Downtime prevents or delays harvest, which has a critical time window and leads to significant financial losses.
Darren Siviour
Ex-farmer, Header sales and renovations
I personally reached out to our Agricultural mechanics and contract harvesters and the feedback was unanimous – fire suppression systems [like AgriGard™] on headers will become a must over the next few harvests; reasons given:
1. New equipment has become more difficult to source
2. Contract harvesters have become more scarce meaning, in the event of a fire, you may not be able to get contractors to assist if you do not have a secondary header.
3. Fire risk to not just their crops but also their neighbours’.
4. Feeling it will become mandatory from insurance firms
5. OSH on farms.
Dirk Vorster
General manager, Harvestaire
AgriGard™ control panel

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